The Depth of a Name

Kayla is the sound of waves crashing,

   the scent of rain just fallen on my skin,

      the taste of a fresh, juicy blackberry on my lips, 

         the feeling of baby pine-tips on my skin, 

            and the sight of snow falling in the forest sky.

Regan is the crack of lightening in the dead of night,

   the bitter sweet of a fresh lemon,

      the chill of fresh snow on my skin,

         the scent of a vibrant, red rose,

            and the sight of fallen, autumn leaves.

Luna is the sound of the howling wind, 

   the smell of fresh baked bread,

      the taste of sweet meringue,

         the feeling of rain drops on my skin,

            and the sight of a full moon on the dead of night.

Depth of a Name…

Kayla Regan Luna is who I am.

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