Thank you for taking a peek and joining Kayla and myself on the road!  Our journey has not always been a smooth one, but we have been fortunate enough to have amazing people that have guide us through this life.

This blog is a heart piece for the two of us. Kayla has had multiple medical set backs in her young life, but none of those things have stopped her passion for life and people. She has also been willing to be part of this crazy adventure with me, moving to the Navajo Reservation for work, exploring new areas and just allowing endless self-growth.

We look forward to sharing our adventures, past and present. We also looks forward to sharing insight on living and working on the reservation, cooking and food, rehab and personal health, and the pre-teen perspective!

Your feet will take you where your heart is. — Irish Proverb


4 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. I really enjoyed reading your two blogs so far & have signed up to follow you two!! It is hard to even think about what you both have been through, but what amazing attitudes & outlooks you both have!! I am very happy to know you both & get to read about your adventures through life!! I will be asking God’s blessings for you both!!

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    • Welcome! I am sure that I will share more of our journey to the point we are now; there are always ups and downs, but we are always focusing on the ups! It is a pleasure to meet you! We are both sending Ludovic our love!


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