Moving on…

Time has long passed since I have been in this space, of unease and uncertainty. The turbulence of transition is in the air, creating a storm of emotions.


Part of the Chinle outdoor playground. 

The emotional tumble, initiated with saying goodbye to my daughter for the summer, a deep emptiness that isn’t easily filled with work or activity is heavy in my heart. She leaves now every summer to visit with family, the first couple days without her ache the most; even the dogs recognize and feel her absence, but slowly I adjust to a routine without her in our shared space. Wednesday, I returned to work after a quick visit with family in my soon to be new home over the long holiday weekend, an uncomfortable goodbye and a hurried rush to get back to Chinle for more packing and work ensued.

The week has contained an ebb and flow of more bittersweet goodbyes from the sweetest of humans I have been fortunate to cross paths with and actual sadness that I had my final performance review completed by my spectacular boss/supervisor. The sadness wasn’t from the positive review, but from leaving a site that has leadership that one can only dream of, a shared mission and a vision to elevate health in this region.

I am not the only person transitioning out, there is an extraordinary midwife, a caring OB nurse and a fellow PT that are leaving Chinle shortly. It is a surprisingly amazing place that fortunately draws in some of the best providers and people to live, breathe and work in this area.  The goodbye celebration for the beloved midwife has been a wonderful reminder of the community that I have been fortunate enough to be part of.

Although the goodbyes have been bittersweet, I am prepping for a new transition to live in Southwest Colorado and continuing my work on Navajo – just on a new site. Change is often uncomfortable, but it teaches and requires us to look deeper and appreciate every person and experience that has brought us to this point.


Mid-bike spa break… Lunchtime bike riding loop. 

We look forward to posting more adventures! Stay tuned!

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