Careful foot steps, while appreciating the past.

Since moving to Cortez, Colorado, Kayla and I have been busy getting into the swing of our new life, roles and routines.  Kayla is been working hard on a school play, in which she will be part of the girls’ ensemble (TALK ABOUT HARD WORK AND LONG HOURS!!!)!!! And I have finally, mostly, adjusted to my work schedule! What hasn’t changed is getting out and exploring! I have some projects in the works that I am excited to be sharing in the upcoming weeks.  They include:

  • A multipart series on developing a voice when your child or a family member has a catastrophic or chronic condition.
  • Physical Therapy, my introduction to the practice, my perspective of MY practice and how the role of knowledge of one’s body can be empowering.
  • An ode to the New Mexico Chile pepper. A New Mexican’s constant love.
  • A re-cap of a Thanksgiving Rafting Trip through the “Gates of Ladore.”
  • Kayla’s Perspective on the outdoors, cooking, and graphic novels!

Thank you for taking the time and checking out our page!

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